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    online master degree - out-of-state


    I was wondering if anyone could help me. I've been looking into out-of-state online master programs (MBA or MSFE), primarily because they are significantly cheaper than in-class programs. I am from north NJ, and work in NYC; any schools around this area are extremely expensive. I was particularly looking at West Texas A&M. Will most jobs consider this a degree given that it's obviously that it was completed 100% online? Does anyone have experience with this and have no program looks for jobs?

    Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    If you sense a likely bias re online degrees programs; and if I lived and worked in the NJ / NY areas … I’d primarily consider a more local university program (i.e., localized general brand recognition). Nonetheless, the WTAMU MBA and/or its MS Finance and Economics are both AACSB accredited degree programs. You’ll be held to the very same academic standards as is the resident graduate student. Moreover, the WT College of Business only uses resident faculty members for academic instruction (e.g., no adjuncts).

    Naturally … the overall cost/benefit analysis re program choices is yours to ultimately determine…
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    You can always look at a nearby state. The cost of Frostburg State University in Maryland is reasonable, and they have AACSB accreditation. They offer their MBA program online.
    MBA Home - Frostburg State University

    West Chester University and Clarion University are a little more expensive than Frostburg, but they are located in Pennsylvania.
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