How do you get a regionally accredited masters with a nationally accredited bachelors

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I graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography with a bachelor of arts in film with a gpa of 3.32 in 2006. After a series of odd jobs and industry work, I moved to Nevada and decided to become a teacher. Having spoken to guidance counselors at both CSN and UNLV, I was told that if I wanted to become a teacher I would have to begin all over again because none of my credits would transfer since I graduated from a nationally accredited institution. I have since done a little under a year of coursework at CSN and have a 4.0 gpa. My problem is that I don't want to have to continue going through an entire degree program all over again when I already have a bachelors degree. My solution to this would be to enroll in a masters degree program that would give me my credentials to teach in the state of Nevada. What I have encountered though is that the department of education requires that the masters degree be from a regionally accredited college, and none that I have spoken to will accept my degree since it is nationally accredited. I called the college that I obtained my degree from for assistance in this matter and they told me that they wont assist me because it is beyond what they do for students. I tried contacting the department of education to see if there were any alternatives given my unique situation and they wont address it personally beyond giving a link to a list of schools that they accept certification from. I spoke with every school on their list and none of them will take beyond 20 of my credits, if any at all. I received my licensure in substitute teaching hoping that it would assist me in getting into an alternative routes to licensure program within the clark county school district, but they wont accept me based on the nature of my degree and the programs that they are currently hiring for (ex: special ed, math, science, etc). I have tried to apply through private schools since they don't require credentials, but my experience as a substitute teacher is not up to par with being a full time teacher.

I have seriously hit every roadblock imaginable, and unfortunately I can not afford another 4 year program while still paying loans on my first degree. Is there anything that anyone can think of that can get me my credentials without having to start all over again? Are there any masters degree programs that would accept my degree that would allow me to graduate with a masters in elementary education and is recognized by the Nevada board of education? Any feedback would be much appreciated.
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  1. AsianStew -
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    Hi NikkiC,
    I've been thinking of the same thing a while ago! And the easiest solution may be to transfer your degree to APU or WGU.
    Both of them have Regionally accredited Master's degrees that will allow you to be licensed or will lead to licensure.

    Please view their respective websites for more details.
    [url=]Online Teaching Degree | Licensure Requirements by State | WGU Teachers College Online[/url]
    [url=]APU Masters Programs[/url]

    It is best to speak with their representative and also with your state licensure just to be safe.
    Ask for all the requirements and make sure they are acceptable for what you need.
    As for me, I changed my thoughts and am going into IT that leads to an MBA for the time being.
  2. Garp -
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    There are a number of schools that will accept Nationally Accredited degrees into their Masters programs. From what I recall, Liberty University (has on line programs), Regents University, and University of Phoenix. If you can get into the Masters at WGU that is probably one of the least expensive routes.
  3. Garp -
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    But check out what all of them have to offer and cost, etc.

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