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    MA IN Marriage and Family Therapy from Touro Worldwide University?

    Hi there, I have been a math teacher for almost 24 years and I want to pursue licensing in California to become an MFT. TUW seems to have a reasonably priced program but I can't seem to find much information about them. Does anyone have any knowledge about this online school? Thanks!

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    Why is this in Accreditation Discussions?
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    FWIW, Touro University International was sold by Touro College and renamed as Trident University International. Touro University Worldwide is now what Touro University International used to be.



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    From the website:

    "*Disclaimer: Enrollment in the MFT programs does not guarantee a degree from Touro University Worldwide or qualification for professional licensure. Students are responsible for meeting all academic and professional requirements for graduation. Further information regarding these academic and professional requirements is outlined in the university catalog. Students enrolled in the MFT counseling licensure program are responsible for knowing the information from TUW. Further, it is the sole responsibility of the student, not the program, to obtain information regarding prerequisites for licensure as outlined by their particular state board of marriage and family therapy. - See more at: http://www.tuw.edu/academics/health/marriage-family-therapy/#sthash.uMa48Qod.dpuf"

    The school is accredited but you need to be very careful about whether this specific degree program meets the requirements for licensure where you live.
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