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    between the devil and the deep blue sea

    USNews did an FAQ

    American College of Sports Medicine

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    It works. I've seen some sites actually identify CHEA as an accreditor, or tell people that national accreditation is not actual accreditation. Lots of very wild ideas are out there.

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    I thought that it was pretty good.

    My only quibble is the statement (in #2) that the accreditors that accredit distance learning programs are those recognized by the Department of Education or by CHEA. That's true as far as it goes, but generally speaking it only applies to programs offered by American schools. But just by its nature, distance learning is international.

    Of course, foreign accreditation is a hugely complicated and controversial subject. It's different in each country and each has its own unique complexities. And unfortunately, mills are very much aware of this and often try to exploit it in misleading ways. There's no way that US News could address that in a short paragraph, it would take an entire book.
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    Online learners should ensure that a program has both institutional and programmatic accreditation, says Judith Eaton, president of CHEA.
    For many students the latter is patently unnecessary and it's grossly self-serving for her to claim otherwise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SteveFoerster View Post
    ...it's grossly self-serving for her to claim...
    Sure it is, but show me a country where being grossly self-serving isn't a time-honoured, almost universal political and business tradition.
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