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    Southern Delaware University

    Here's another university I've come across recently, Southern Delaware University, www dot sduedu dot us. It seems as if their main market is West Africa, SDU is affiliated with a number of professional bodies in Nigeria, and, together with Newton Hills University of Science and Technology, Dominica and Saint Monica University, Cameroon, with the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals. Newton Hills and SDU are also both affiliated with the Society of Accounting Education in Pakistan, a society that recognizes Pebble Hills University.
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    For what it's worth, Newton Hills is one of the "8 Copthall" nest of unwonderfuls to which I've referred in other threads -- the last nest of them that still flies a Dominican flag. This one, however, uses the same address as that of "Delaware Intercorp Inc". So they're doing exactly the same thing from Delaware that has also happened from Dominica: incorporating and running an unrecognized institution using the address of the corporation's registered agent. (And I don't blame them for switching jurisdictions, since incorporating in Delaware is a lot cheaper!)
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    Hmmm... Never heard of them, and I go to Newark region all the time. Their phone number is from Seattle, Washington.

    What kind of number is "1-206-3375462 2"? (206) 337-5462 belongs, or used to, to a Psychiatrist in ... Wellesley, MA as a fax.

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    The area code 206 designates Seattle.

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    See your future university (captured from google imagery):

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