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    Beurin University?

    Is this a degree mill school or state approved institution? Someone invited me for the professional connection in Linkedin, and I looked at the profile. I found that this person received a Ph.D in Psychology from Beurin University. I looked up in Google, but could not find any bad thing about the school. However, there are none positive neither. It does not seem to be legit.

    URL: beurinuniversity DOT org
    Ph.D| Nova Southeastern University (W/D)
    MPS | Georgetown University (2012)
    MS | Southern Methodist University (2010)
    BS | Troy University (2006)
    Cert | Marine Corps University (2008)

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    From their website:

    "Beurin University is a non-secular spiritual/service, humanitarian organization. Thus the US Department of Education , under US federal law, cannot praise, credit, discredit, or accredit our curriculum."

    It always makes me squint a bit when I see that the founder/president/ceo/whatever has an unusual PhD that is exactly the same as the one offered by this organization. Does this mean that he gave himself a PhD?

    Oh, and btw, this organization does not offer a PhD in Psychology . They offer a PhD in Spirit, Mind, Body Psychology .
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