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    "Contact minutes" a factor in accreditation

    1) I wonder how they calculate this for online schools.
    2) I hope poor Erin recuperates sufficiently to resume her arduous studies.

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    Google turned up some interesting explanations for "contact hours" in online courses. Here is one example, from a page titled "Academic Credit Hour Policy" at a Jesuit university:

    "Online Courses: courses offered entirely online without regard to face-to-face meetings. These courses have the same learning outcomes and substantive components of a standard lecture course with alternate delivery method. Contact time is satisfied by several means which can include, but is not limited to, the following: a.) regular instruction or interaction with a University faculty member once a week for each week the course runs. b.) Academic engagement through interactive tutorials, group discussions moderated by faculty, virtual study/project groups, engaging with class peers and computer tutorials graded and reviewed by faculty."

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