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    Vae Establishments Of The Group Paris Graduate School Of Management

    Two weeks in France and come back with GAAP MBA via VAE.

    If you qualify, i.e. Degreed person with many years of Managerial experiance on the level of MBA .


    This MBA is available in English by VAE..


    The interviews are not done directly by the jury but ahead to make sure the person can be considered.

    The Higher School of Management is one of the 5 schools of the group Paris Graduate School of Management . This group is established in 5 Parisian centers and account today nearly 4000 students and more than 14000 old (see the site of group PGSM , the VAE as well as associations of the group).

    Since its creation in 1974, the mission of the Higher School of Management did not change: to form top executives of national and international companies . But to face the new challenges with which these leaders are confronted, technological and societaux changes, universalization, the ESG unceasingly made evolve/move its structures and its lesson.
    The ESG appears in good place among the Large Commercial schools of France and the International Institutions of Teaching in Management. It proposes a course in 5 years accessible per contest after VAT (1st year), BAC+2 or Prépa (3rd year) and BAC+3/4 (4th year).

    the diploma of the ESG is aimed, in France, by the Ministry for National Education , the Higher education and Research.
    The ESG counts in 2005, with its programs of 3rd cycle , more than 1 600 students.
    It is a leader of the Group Paris Graduate School of Management ( PGSM ), ex Groupe ESG, which includes/understands 3 other Parisian establishments, the ESGF - Higher School of Management and Finance, the ESGCI - Higher School of Management and International Trade and the ESGI - Higher School of Data-processing Genius, with which it shares its human and material resources, and its network of relations with the companies and the universities in France and with the international one.

    The ESG is member of the EFMD, the AACSB, the FNEGE and of EduFrance.


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    Lerner, dammit, will you please knock it off with all this VAE crap, already... both of you!
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    Re: Vae Establishments Of The Group Paris Graduate School Of Management

    Originally posted by Lerner
    Two weeks in France and come back with GAAP MBA via VAE.
    Lerner - Gives us the name of anyone, anywhere, anytime who has done this and maybe, maybe you've got an issue. Otherwise it's just an abstraction, like saying that it's possible to land a spacecraft on Mars. Sure, maybe it's possible, on paper, but if no one has ever actually done it then it doesn't really matter, does it? Of course, this person must be available for verification, no?
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